Sunday, August 7, 2016

First week of ASP2016

Hi everyone, this is Haifa Rejeb Sfar,  I’m from Tunisia, I got my license degree in fundamental physics in 2014, currently, I’m a second year master student in quantum physics and I’m also doing an internship in experimental particle physics. In the meantime I’m attending the ASP2016 in Rwanda.

Firstly I would like to tell you that I’m impressed how beautiful, clean and safe this country is and how friendly the people are.
It is a great pleasure to have been selected to attend this school, to get the chance to be surrounded by these great lecturers and these active and supportive students. It’s actually nice to meet people from different countries with different cultures. ASP2016 has not only helped me academically but also helped me sociologically.

I’m interested in particle physics, and as I have mentioned before I am doing my internship in that field, during this week we have studied many courses such as: relativity and quantum mechanics plus introduction to QFT, particle physics and the standard model taught by famous lectures and it was a great honor for me to have met them like Dr. John Ellis, Jean Alexandre and Bobby Acharya, I’m really impressed, they made the physics so interesting. After listening to them, I made sure that I’m in the right path and I hope that one day I’ll be like them.

P.S: I’m a native Arabic speaker with French as a second official language, one of the best benefits that ASP2016 has given to me is to help me to improve my English by writing in this blog. 


  1. Sure hayfa, am expecting extremely scirntific benefit 4rm diz skl, bt not ony also friendership wiv all participant......

  2. yeah Hayfa, I'm so lucky to have been selected to attend this school and to have met such an amazing people.