Wednesday, August 17, 2016

A Namibian in Rwanda

I am Vasti Mantedo from Namibia, the South West part of Africa. I am a final year Physics honors student at the University of Namibia. My flight from Namibia (Windhoek) to Rwanda (Kigali) was quite long, changing flights and waited hours for my flights, nevertheless, the delay was worth it at the end from the upcoming facts.

First and foremost, I would like to thank the African School of Physics (ASP) team for granting me this opportunity to participate in this wonderful event. Being exposed to research on fundamental physics and its applications was quite fascinating. Though most of the topics were far beyond my academic level, I was able to match-up the difference in my knowledge about this area of research. Most of the subject matter was apparently new to me, due to that fact, questions I asked and things I always wonder about, I got answers to and was able to assimilate them to my understanding. The most intriguing outcome of this School is that I would like to gain more insight into the underlying subject of particle Physics. Continuing my studies is no longer an option but a must desire! ASP has brought back the zeal I once lost for wanting to know more, and I am now motivated by questions like: “Where Do We Come From? What Are We? Where Are We Going?” and nonetheless, I will like to contribute to the unified field theory by pursuing the field of fundamental and particle physics to the fullest.

ASP has opened my mind in so many ways; academically, socially, morally, just to name a few.
I met students coming from approximately 29 countries from Africa and a student from the US, as well as lecturers from all over the world and from famous scientific laboratories. Due to this multitude of people, I learned more about others cultures, religions, and believes and I now have a diverse mind about happenings worldwide. 

Speaking of Kigali and Rwanda as a whole, I was amazed with what my eyes saw during my stay in Kigali. The people, culture, food, weather and nature made my stay in Kigali worthwhile. The citizens are humbled, friendly, welcoming and loving. I bet hospitality originated in Rwanda! With regards to the food, Rwanda has abundance and variety of vegetables and fruits, it’s like I only know 50% of them prior to my arrival. The nature as well is amazing, it is dry season in Rwanda but I see so much green, it’s almost untrue compared to what I previously experienced. 

Oh! almost forgot, when I heard Kigali (Rwanda) is the cleanest city, I just thought about it being clean, well its beyond clean. My reasons for testifying this totted truth is because one cannot find refuse lying around, no paper, no plastic and no bottles. But how...? Well hey, I can testify, Kigali (Rwanda) is the cleanest city. I will forever be grateful for this privileged scientific adventure.

Thank You!