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I am Kossi from Togo one the sixty participants to the  African School of Fundamental Physics and its Applications (ASP2014) school organized at UCAD . I will say I am very glad to meet this experienced of lecturers (From CERN, Fermilab, Jefferson Lab and Universities) sharing their research work and experiences with all the young African scientists from sixteen African countries.

We are feeding our brain and improving our skills with wonderful presentations, workshops, colloquium and many scientific activities. Aside  the theoretical part, we have experimental sections: tutorials on Geant4 and Root and also PSI Lab practices.
Here are some pictures

This is the amazing part of the school: PSI Lab
In fact PSI Lab is UCAD II-Restaurant which offered us interesting and exciting meal during all our stay in Senegal.   In order to not talk a lot, let us have a look on pictures below.


Let talk about the LHC:

Find  out the elementary particles?

Here are some indications for you :
1- Accelerate two particles (psi1 := ?)  and (psi2:=?)
2- Get the highest possible cross-section (psi3 := ?)
3- Good detector (psi4 := ?) to gather the data for analysis.
4- Powerful computer (psi5 := ?) to gather your data
5 – A software to simulate the data (psi6=?)                

I suggest that
          psi1 := meal
          psi2 := mounth
          psi3 := area of your mounth
          psi4 := tongue
          psi5 := brain

          psi6 := digestive system
            What do you think about that?

The answer is not too difficult,  Bobby, Christoph, Mathieu, and John Ellis  can explain it to you but the LHC of CERN can show it easily.

Now let us consider the next picture.

 Can you see a particle tunneling here?

I am sure your answer is no. You are right you need a STM.

  Remember “Nanotechnology” (Esmeralda)

Really, we enjoyed not only the presentations but also those delicious and various Senegalese meals


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