Thursday, August 7, 2014

Day four

Hello, I am MENDILYI YOHANNA, from Nigeria. I rounded up my Masters in June, 2014, at AIMS Senegal, and had my thesis on “X-Rays Emission from Atoms Driven by Ultrafast Lasers” (as related to Medical Physics), and I hope to continue in that field. It's a great privilege for me to be among different scientist from different fields of physics and learn from them in this African School of Fundamental Physics 2014.

It is my first time to attend the ASP, from day one I had the privilege to listen as presenters gave various explanations to different physical phenomena. Today, I especially enjoyed the talk by Christoph on Hadroproduction and also Mathieu's talk on Astroparticle physics. These topics have always fascinated me. It is really wonderful to listen and learn from the intelligent questions being asked by the participant and the lecturers are always willing to answer at all time. Well for me, am really enjoying every bit of this great scientist environment even though I have back pain due to the hours of lecture (from morning to evening) with little breaks in between.

My sincere appreciation goes to the master mind of this great and adventurous experience, to the lectures for their sacrifice and ever-welcoming smiling faces, to the local organizers for the day and night work to make each day a success, more grease to your elbows.

I look forward to yet another day of knowledge acquisition.....

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