Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Day three

Hi, my name is Rotondwa. No I don't have a nickname. I don't have a picture of myself here, but I am the one with a camera around her neck asking you to please move back or to please ignore me (or pretend that I am not taking a picture of you). I am pretty sure we've interacted, I tend to be a bit friendly, I want to know where you're from etc. This post has been delayed solely because I wanted to post the pictures I'll post below, edited. That is proving difficult because gimp is no child's play and I don't have much time!

It is my second time at the ASP, so I am enjoying a somewhat familiarity advantage and finding it rather interesting as the personalities of the other students unfold! I don't think there's a better congregation to attend than that of impressionable intelligent aspiring physicist and what I think are gods of physics. It is a melting pot of give and take and a bucket load of inspiration, that's meant to last you at least two years. We must sincerely thank the master minds behind the initiation of this school. I am not saying that it is humanly possible to listen to a Quantum Field Theory or Cosmology lecture for one and a half hours and be able to concentrate the whole time, nonetheless it probes at some dormant or unidirectional neurological paths in the brain and makes possible the idea of pursuing another form of Physics. The way Physics is done in South Africa, where I am from, it is almost a given that a person's post graduate degree is dependent on the kind of work that the resident professors are doing. This ASP changes that, and for that I am grateful. I am grateful for all the exposure and I am grateful for meeting different people from all over the world! I am grateful that Africa is so diverse and I am grateful that the lecturers take their time off to come and sincerely share their knowledge with us. The picture's below will give you a glimpse of the people here. It is a tiny glimpse, there are more people and I have more pictures, but let us get the first blog post out of the way!

The ever so charming Ulrich from Benin

The masters

Sudanese beauties

Always smiles and conversations between physicists! Dr. Suzan (South Africa), Latifah (Morocco) and Senosi (South Africa)

Isn't she lovely? Senegalese

I don't know what's making her laugh so much, glad got the snap! Tunisian beauty!

South Africa, Ghana and Sudan! The gents!

They both speak Arabic, I wish I could've heard what they were saying! Iran and Tunisia

She must have come along with her mum. She seemed bored so I asked to take a picture, she said yes

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